Fine Guard 3

Fine Guard 3 (FG3) is a hard glassy hydrophilic anti-fingerprint coating that can help to maintain the beautiful appearance of stainless steel for longer period of time, yet at the same time the easy maintenance routine can be achieved with a cloth and water for surface coated with this coating. FG3 is widely adopted and used in building material and elevator industries because of its superb stain-resistance ability and realization of customers.

For finished product under the following dimension and weight, please send us your inquiry.

W1000 x L4000 x H300mm 70kg

Stainless Steel Type  All
Material Finish All except Reflective Finish (BA, Mirror) 
Form Sheet     Flat bar, Plate
Thickness(mm) 0.8 - 3.0 ≦6.0
Width(mm) ≦1524 ≦150
Length(mm) ≦5000 ≦4000
Weight(kg) ≦180 ≦70

When it is exposed outside, it may occur stainless steel corrosion and deteriorate coloring appearance, depending upon conditions.

Tested on SUS304 Vibration finish with FG3 coated on the right half side only.

Mark both coated and not-coated areas with oil based ink, then spray water on it, the marker on the FG3 coated area will be risen up by water and cleaned off easily.


FG3 coating is hydrophilic, once wets out, it will uplift the stain to be wiped off easily.